Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Training Schedule

Training for this week:
Monday-6 Easy
Tuesday- 6 with 8*200 w/200 recovery jog
Wednesday-8 with strides
Thursday-8 with 5*2 min on/off @7 min pace
Friday- Off
Saturday- 10 with last 2 @ MP
Sunday- Off
 Total 38 miles

I have come to enjoy getting my monthly training schedule from my coach. As soon as I see the email I get a nervous excitement about what's to come in my training. I usually like to look at my long runs first and then I check everything else out. I am a creature of habit and I like having a schedule in my life. When I get my running schedule, it is nice to see what I have coming up and not have to worry about planning it out. I get up really early, so it's nice to just check my schedule and go. If I had to put too much thought into a 3 am run I would probably just choose to stay in bed.

Having a schedule makes me accountable and gives me structure and goals to shoot for. It's also a confidence boost to see the potential that my coach sees. All to often you get the unsure feeling that you won't be able to complete such a fast time of the tempo runs. But then I know that he wouldn't have given me a workout he thought that I could not complete. I am excited to increase my miles and get into all of this marathon training.

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