Friday, September 21, 2012


Last weekend was exciting for my husband and I. We got a full night away from the kids and we had a staycation. There was a Groupon for a night at The Saguaro in Scottsdale for $99 plus breakfast. We went with another couple and we had a great time. We went to the pool right when we got there and had a few drinks while the DJ was playing music. There is no better way to feel old than to go to a Scottsdale pool with young people and a DJ. It was fun, but it was completely different from our normal pool scene of floaties and screaming kids.

I took this picture before the drinks :)

Training for the week:
Monday: 8 with 10*90sec on/off @7 min pace
Tuesday: 6 easy
Wednesday : 8 with last 3@8:15
Thursday:4 Easy
Friday: OFF
Saturday:10 (5 easy,3@8:15, 2@7:50)
4 hill sprints
Sunday: 4 recovery

I have Long Beach Half Marathon coming up in 2 weeks. I am excited to be getting out of town for the night and race in some great weather. I am going with my brother Derek and sister in law Allison, both are in the elite field. Hopefully they will run fast and win some money. I do not really have any expectations for the race other than just try to relax and have fun.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Things for Fall

Here in Arizona I think we are all desperate for Fall to come. Cooler weather, less humidity would be awesome. I have the mindset that if I buy things Fall related, maybe it will show up to Arizona faster. At least I am hopeful! Last week I saw Pumpkin Spice coffee at Target. I had to get it. I love all things pumpkin. It tastes so good and I am going to have to go back so I can stock up.

I also got three new things for winter from Oiselle. Oiselle is a company made up of women runners and they make women's running clothes. Their clothes fit well, look cute, and stay dry through my sweaty runs. It will probably be a month or so until I can wear the new clothes because it is still too warm. I got the Rundelicious top in violet. It is so cute!! It has a small pocket and pull-over thumb holes.

I also got the Stripey Long Sleeve in grey. This top is light weight and also has pull-over thumb holes.
Lastly I got the Lesley Tight. My sister in law Allison has the Lesley Knicker and loves them. I thought I would give the tight a try. It has compression fabric and a small pocket.
I also got a new Fuel Belt. I got the Fuel Belt R20 Revenge Hydration Belt in pink. It is light weight and it doesn't bounce up and down when I run. It has a pocket that can fit gels and keys. It has a Velcro belt so it fits all sizes. This is probably the first hydration belt I actually like.
I am obviously excited for Fall and what is to come with my running. Running and training during the summer has been hard here in Arizona due to the weather. The heat and humidity just wear you out. Cooler weather and more races are just around the corner!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Training Schedule

Training for this week:
Monday-6 Easy
Tuesday- 6 with 8*200 w/200 recovery jog
Wednesday-8 with strides
Thursday-8 with 5*2 min on/off @7 min pace
Friday- Off
Saturday- 10 with last 2 @ MP
Sunday- Off
 Total 38 miles

I have come to enjoy getting my monthly training schedule from my coach. As soon as I see the email I get a nervous excitement about what's to come in my training. I usually like to look at my long runs first and then I check everything else out. I am a creature of habit and I like having a schedule in my life. When I get my running schedule, it is nice to see what I have coming up and not have to worry about planning it out. I get up really early, so it's nice to just check my schedule and go. If I had to put too much thought into a 3 am run I would probably just choose to stay in bed.

Having a schedule makes me accountable and gives me structure and goals to shoot for. It's also a confidence boost to see the potential that my coach sees. All to often you get the unsure feeling that you won't be able to complete such a fast time of the tempo runs. But then I know that he wouldn't have given me a workout he thought that I could not complete. I am excited to increase my miles and get into all of this marathon training.

Monday, September 3, 2012

A LONG Labor Day Weekend

My husband left on Wednesday to go deer hunting and he wasn't returning until late Saturday night. I was off of work since Wednesday and I had my girls all to myself. It is hard to parent kids in general, but two crazy girls and no husband around to help is a challenge. I tried to keep busy with them so time would go by fast. I struggle to stay patient, but I try to stay positive when things get rough. I was able to get my run in before they woke up every day which helped. Running helps me relieve stress and get much needed alone time. I got a call from my husband late Friday that he got a deer and would be home Friday night. Awesome for me!

Saturday morning we went to the Gilbert Farmers Market. They have a splash pad next to it so after we shopped we let the girls play. They had a great time and they were soaked by the end.


Sunday morning my husband was going bird hunting really early. I got in a run before he left. I fell when I was about 1/2 mile into my run. I am not quite sure what I tripped on. All I know is that one second I was running, the next I was sprawled out on the sidewalk. I scrapped up my knees and my side and my mace shattered when I fell. It took me about 5 minutes to shake it off, but I finished my run. I am definitely sore today and I am glad that today was a planned rest day.

My coach sent me my September running schedule and I am really excited for this fall. Lots of fun races! Hopefully the weather here in Arizona will get cooler and less humid soon.
I have been seeing lots of pictures on twitter of runners wearing pants and sweatshirts and I would be lying if I didn't say I was jealous.